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Share Your Burden!

When it comes to losing weight, you don’t have to carry the burden alone. We’re led to believe there are simple solutions and if one works, it will work for everyone. This simply isn’t true.

Far too many people are left high and dry from fad diets that tout quick results. In fact, deprivation diets requiring you to cut out major food groups can leave you craving more unhealthy foods.

Being overweight can lead to isolation, feelings of shame, and even depression. Trying to lose weight can cause frustration. As you go through the stages of weight loss you may experience a variety of emotions. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone!

There are many people just like you who understand your struggles. During our time together you will have the opportunity to share your personal experiences with weight loss, learn from others who are also going through the process of losing weight, and benefit from support, accountability, and fun facts!

Meet Dr Robert Bartosh, The Leader of The Weight Loss Support Group

Deciding to do something about your health is one of the single, most important decisions you'll ever make as it will decide the quality of the life you live from that moment on! It may even positively affect the lives of those watching you or that depend on you. And, I'd be honored if you would allow me the privilege of helping you in your journey. I promise to do my part in helping you accomplish your part. I'll make myself available to educate, stimulate, motivate and eventually to CONGRATULATE you on your achievement! My goal is to help you experience "the best performance of your life!"

Hosted by: Pro-Active Wellness

Dr Robert Bartosh

Success in Numbers

Sometimes, all you need is a little support. When someone has your back and is there to lend a helping hand, you can feel more motivated to push through. Imagine how much motivation you’ll receive from an entire group!

Accomplishing goals is not only easier with the right support, it makes the challenge that much less burdensome. You don’t have to take on all the emotional stress and frustrations of weight loss on you own.

During this support group, I will provide motivational quotes, ask you engaging questions, and share the tools you need for success. Losing weight, isn't just about the weight. Losing weight is about learning new behaviors, creating new habits, health, and improving your relationship to food.

This support group will provide daily tasks and prompts for sharing your personal thoughts. If you’re up for offering a lending hand while receiving one in return, this is the place for you!

Can’t Wait To Share With You Starting On Jan. 1, 2019!