Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Living Well with Multiple Sclerosis

A multiple sclerosis diagnosis, like many chronic conditions, comes with challenges. Each person can experiences symptoms differently, making them difficult to manage. In fact, MS symptoms can be mistaken for signs of other conditions, making it challenging to diagnose. However, living well with multiple sclerosis is possible.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with MS and are looking for tips on easing symptoms, or you’re a loved one who wants to gain a better understanding of the illness and learn ways to offer support, we’re here to help!

MS affects approximately 2.5 million people worldwide. While women have about 3 times increased likelihood of developing MS, the disease is not considered fatal. Join us for an informative class about multiple sclerosis where you’ll learn what it means to live with MS and how to live well.

Our journey begins on Tuesday, March 26th at 5:00 pm CDT. Sign up today for Living With Multiple Sclerosis!

Get The Facts

Medical research has yet to identify a specific cause or cure for multiple sclerosis, but here are some facts we do know:

-MS affects the central nervous system which is made up of the brain and spinal cord and controls the activities of the entire body.

-The cause of MS isn’t fully understood, but researchers have identified elements that contribute to developing MS, including genetic and environmental factors.

-Many people with MS “look fine” on the outside, but struggle with daily tasks and activities due to their condition. MS is an “invisible illness” for many.

-MS affects every person differently. Some people with MS can continue to work and experience mild to moderate symptoms, while others may use a wheelchair or be unable to work due to their condition.

-The most common MS symptoms include fatigue, numbness and tingling, memory loss and brain fog, muscle spasms and weakness, heat sensitivity, bladder problems, pain, foot drop, vision problems, sexual dysfunction, and hearing loss.

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Dr Robert Bartosh

Not All Treatments Are The Same

There are a number of treatment techniques for coping with the debilitating symptoms of multiple sclerosis. From different medications to a myriad of therapies it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options. To determine which plan is right for you and your individual need, it’s important to learn as much as possible about your condition.

We are dedicated to helping patients with chronic diseases understand symptom causes to create a unique treatment plan that works. While conventional medicine uses symptoms to dictate treatment, we go a step further. By learning various lifestyle factors and behaviors, functional medicine gets to the root cause of symptoms to develop a treatment that works.

Join us for Living With Multiple Sclerosis to learn more about what it means to live with MS, techniques for living well will MS, and tips for family/friends to handle having someone close with this condition.

We Can’t Wait To Share With You On Tuesday, March 26th At 5:00 pm CDT!